A car, 4 girls and a destination–Annecy! Wonderful neat french city on the shores of lac d’Annecy a good hour drive from Geneva.

Though the weather forecast was not that promising towards the end of the day, we still decided to try our luck against it. We sat out with a reasonable timing and soon made it to the French highways–pretty expensive I found. I had a great co-pilot but once took the wrong exit. That was actually much more fun than the original one would have been.

Gorges du Fier

The first stop we made was the Gorges du Fier, some 10km drive west from Annecy, close to Lovagny. A marvelous carstic/lime stone carving, masterpiece of the Le Fier river. The site is well maintained and I was impressed by the amount of effort they put into it. The info boards are very accurate and educative, while the footbridge along the rock face, is just so impressive!

We left the car at the bottom of the trail (a pretty short walk across the railway to the entrance of the area) and soon began the tour. There is a small restaurant at the entrance, with all the necessary facilities for tourists.  The way was astonishing! I come from a region where carstic landscape is not rare, yet this canyon impressed!

footbridge through the canyonLuxuriant hanging plants induce a jungle like feeling, it invades the subconscious. Only the crumbles of information on the history of the canyon keep you feet on the ground when walking along the rock face. The water has carved its way through the rock, leaving behind an almost 50m deep, well polished crack. The walking path is at 25m high, and gives the visitor a perfect view on the whole space. We end our visit here with the legend of princess Diana and a last glimpse of crumbled rocks and head to Annecy.

Once in the city, we quickly realize that traffic in France is a bit different from the one in Switzerland. Sometimes I end up driving legally, but on the most awkward lane and direction and after a long city tour, we finally find a parking spot–free!–not too far from the city center.

Cafes d'Annecy

The city is tiny, especially the old town, but just perfect for squeezing in enough coffee places for all the tourists that seem to invade it on a daily basis.

River Hungry and headed towards the bustling streets of the old town, we cross a flea market and some neat flower and clothes shops. The lunch is very consistent, I am having a true Savoyard tartiflette, while enjoying a glass of rosé.

Chateau d'AnnecyAfter lunch, the souvenir and other shopping craze begins, but before proceeding, we decide to take a detour and visit the castle. Yet another surprise. The castle is very well maintained, as well as the court in front of it. The walk up to it is a short hike, just perfect after the meals we had.

The hike is followed later on by more culinary experiences. We visit shortly after having done some shopping, the local chocolatier artisanal Meyer, were I take the chance and grab one of the exotic local chocolate bars. Turns out later on, that it is a very creamy, delicious one! Just like the one from Miex, Switzerland.

Creperie BretonneWe settle as a good bye, at one of the local creperies. Typical Bretonne ambiance, crepes and galettes, cidre and blue decoration details. The feeling in this tavern is very familial. The servers walk fast up and down and seat every client by some means. The serving goes fast and the tourists leave satisfied.

By the time we make it out to the quay, the rain starts falling. It is not that bad, but pretty inconvenient to walk around with an umbrella and try to take nice pics. However, I feel that the final view is not ruined:


More pics here.

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