Frangipani -- Asia


First and last thing on my mind: Fooood …mmmm I miss it!

A totally different world, different feeling, that does not compare to my experience with the various cultures from the far far East, through the individuals that I have met so far.

The general impression is that people from the countries of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia do still show some of the basic, genuine kindness and hospitality that seems to be buried sometimes too deep, in the Western culture.

Of course we are not talking about remote Buddhist or Hindu temples, these cultures have also been touched by globalization, and they display the usual tourist trapping attitude in the highly visited spots, but nevertheless my general impression was that of people who would cross the line by lurking around wealthier tourists and mugging them much less often than in Europe. Self understood, this involves tourists as well minding their belongings and behavior.

Trip to Asia, first part. Butterflies in the stomach, all excited about the trip, already on Liszt Ferenc Airport. Settling the last details before the flight, which include some dinner and off I am! With only a 2h delay on CDG, the trip continues with the tough part — some more 12-14h of flight to Changi Airport. Well, I have to say, it is a looooong trip! It better be worth it!

Done, made up my mind. It is worth every moment of it; starting from the people I get to talk to on the plain, to the locals from Asia that I meet on the journey. It is like a deep breath of fresh mountain air! Inhaling the new, crispy experiences from another end of the World! Well, I must say, the first lungful of air was more like water than air. In Singapore, at the time I arrived, humidity was so high, that I felt I was breathing water… .

P.S. Another proof of how beneficial this trip was, is my freinds’ affirmation when we first met after vacation: Tu as une bonne mine!  and I effectively realised this myself, when I heard it like the 3rd time in 2 days!

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