Bar Harbor

Right before landingHappy accidents do happen. The flight from NY to Bar Harbor was with a stop over in Boston, which was a good idea. The first part was short but enough– like a roller coaster. Both takeoff and landing were designed for serious adrenaline junkies, I am happy that it wasn’t my first flight, but we made it!! :) and then I switched to a small Saab 340 plane for the rest of the trip. Like 30 ppl were on board and the flight was very smooth and surprisingly short. In like 1h we were basically landing on the tiny airport of Bar Harbor, yay!

The lodging turned out to be a very good deal. Due to the misunderstanding with my confirmation, I got to stray instead of the college dorm, in the hotel/motel across the street, in superb conditions, so this one checked!

The weather was still an issue to fix though, as after the 35+(felt like 40+) C in NY, here we would hardly have some ~20C, which I was not really prepared for. The town is quite, but very small.

Speaking of happy accidents, it is not only the lodging that turned out well, but also the room mate and the people I got to meet right from the beginning, in the tiny little airport at arrival. We sort of forged together right from that moment, and ended up going for a traditional local dinner on the first evening, skipping the one provided by the course. The view was scenic, wonderful colors, but unfortunately I did not have the camera with me.

Jordan PondWhen the weather was not crying, one day in the lecture break, we managed to escape for a short walk around the Jordan Pond. Well, glacier little lake, like…many other in Switzerland, but was a good means to disconnect from the science overdose that I got in the last 3 days.


Sandy Beach P1160344And yes, there is justice in the World! Finally after a week of rainy, overcast weather, we have a …half day of great weather! We make it basically to the sandy beach to do some tanning and relaxing on the beach, in the sound of breaking waves. The water was pretty cold, no brave people were actually swimming for long time in the water.

A later stop brings us back to the Jordan Pond, where this time we have a very pleasant conversation on the side of a blueberry crumble (the local favorite) and popover — the must try at the restaurant over there.

Sunset from RegencyBack in town, we make a third attempt to try the pool and the hot tub from the Regency hotel, right across our stay, and victory! The water is just perfect in each pool, we have a great relaxing evening, by waiting for the beautiful sunset at 8 PM. I have already missed a gorgeous one a few evenings back.


Irish PubTo finish the evening is style, we decide to head out, downtown for a walk, which ends in the local irish pub! Guinness, fries and chowder! Bon App!



Favorite dinner place and the dinner! ...will miss this place

Days went by and the weather decided to keep on playing bad tricks on us. There were not too many sunny days, but the good thing about such weather is that one gets to know fairly well all the shops and cafe places. The favorite breakfast / coffee place is Cafe This Way, a very nice shelter from the rain, bustling with half of the life from Bar Harbor during weekend time. However, the preferred dining place stays for me, the College of the Atlantic mensa, for the great organic food and awesome salads they serve.

Compass HarborOne of the finally sunny days brought us on the shores, in the cove next to the Jax Lab, Compass Harbor, so got to explore this angle of the chilly island too. The nature is very similar to the low hilly regions from Romania, like 600m alt., but with the crispy touch of the ocean breeze.


Finally and final sunny day. The nice part of the story ends here, since most probably the good weather will leave us for the end of the course. The lectures and the insight into the clinical world, for someone coming from the realm of theoreticians is always fascinating! I enjoyed today particularly the presentation of clinical cases, with references to genetic testing results. Fascinating!

Sailboat in the bay area

However, as I am getting closer to the end of my second week of genetic studies, I start feeling the symptoms of a scientific overdose. Therefore I turned my attention for the rest of the afternoon, towards the other fascinating motif around, the bay area. Couple of sailboats riding the crests of the small waves, some kayakers and a lot of calm. I particularly enjoy a lazy time on a bench not far from the course room at the hotel, and contemplate for a long while the scenery.

View from the Regency

I must mention that the lawn was amazingly thick and well trimmed. A pleasure to walk on it. Another nice thing while sitting on the bench and contemplating this view, was that after all the presentations of the day, there were many genetic diseases presented, from phenotypical p.o.v. alike, so this is a challenge for someone not used to work with such conditions, therefore, the sight of a healthy, energetic teenager playing soccer with his father on that lawn and obstructing my view from time to time, was very pleasant!

Mists of ... Bar HarborActually we had one more beautiful sunny day. Though it was a bit special, due to the fog that spread across the bay area and gave us a special feel about the place.

One of the art galleries from Bar HarborArt and handcraft -- SunlightcatchersThe last day was actually a treat; we got to walk around the city once more and as a treat, we got to discover the literally hidden gems of the place: art galleries! The handcraft objects sold in the local art shops are very neat and original. Here’s an example… .

Was a great time, however now is time to say

Bye Bye … Bar Harbor!

P.S. I forgot to mention the local market experience, on the only Sun we had there. It is a tiny, neat market, with only a few stalls, yet one can find some hidden gems. The one I discovered was Lucy’s granola. Very nice granola, would order it online if I went back to the US.

More pics here.

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