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  • Inartis – “we help organizations innovate

INARTIS NETWORK is one of the eight NTN (National Thematic Networks) supported by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Swiss agency for the promotion of technology and innovation. The INARTIS NETWORK mission is to create value and jobs across the Swiss Life Sciences economy through innovation. INARTIS NETWORK, a not-for-profit organization based in Lausanne, focuses on fostering trans-disciplinary R&D projects to deliver “Innovations Made in Switzerland”.

  • BioAlps – “the most diversified Life Science Cluster in the World”

Your entry point to a wealth of contacts, know-how and knowledge, for both personal and institutional support: BioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland.
BioAlps offers you a dynamic network, an innovative and supportive environment, and immediate access to the world of life sciences. It comprises an active and fertile fabric of research institutions,academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals concentrated in a small, attractive geographic area with a great infrastructure.

This portal has started as a joint project by the federal agencies CTI/KTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation), seco and BBT in 2004/05. The federal partners were joined early on by the leading life science clusters of Switzerland, the SIX Swiss Exchange and as leading partner, the Swiss Biotech Association. The day-to-day management is done by the Webcenter of ZHAW and Bridge Plus AG. Bridge Plus AG also manages the Swiss Biotech Association. The site is a non-for profit project and intends to create awareness for the sector.

The Geneva Pharma Network is a networking group based in Geneva, Switzerland comprised of professionals from pharma/life sciences/devices/diagnostics companies and related fields (including non-science professionals from specialties such as finance, marketing, and project management), who wish to share opportunities, needs and professional information with a group of their peers.

  • SwAPP – Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals

SwAPP promotes a Life Long Learning Program with SwAPP diplomas and continuous professional training, as well as an online training tool for Good Clinical Practice offered by TRREE (TRAINING AND RESOURCES IN RESEARCH ETHICS EVALUATION).
SwAPP is growing continuously and has today more than 300 members. 80% of the members are committed to continuous professional training. A third of all members carry a SwAPP Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

News feed and Innovation crossroad of Inartis | Bioalps | Eclosion (Swiss Life Sciences seed-fund and incubator)

  • BSNL -BioScience Network Lausanne 

The BioScience Network Lausanne is a non-profit association comprising PhD students and Post-Doctoral Fellows working in the fields of Biology, Life Sciences and Biotechnology in the Lausanne area. The association is an independent body managed and run by members from UNIL and EPFL, with the support of faculties from both the Universities, aiming to support career development of  students from Life Sciences.