Nestle Alimentarium

ingenious interior arrangementThis is a very neat come back after my long trip to the US. The first weekend day I actually met up with my dear friend Stefanie, and went to check the long planned to do in Vevey: the Nestle alimentation’s museum.

nutritional pyramidI must say though that the museum itself left us with a slightly puzzled impression. The thread of the story they present over the three levels of exhibitions is very fuzzy. I would have appreciated very much to have a chronological exhibition of the history of food maybe, even if sewed together with Nestle’s contribution to the market.

in the kitchenOn the other hand, the museum offers workshops on different themes, where one could learn by doing, how to… in our case preserve pickles and compote. It was a very neat one hour workshop, in a very cute setting: 4 participants, a chef and an apprentice.

Compote and pickles It was fun and great weather! Would like to go back for another workshop later on… :)



More pics here.

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