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Are you a Sprinter or a Long Leg Runner?

Just the other day I was discussing this topic with a dear friend of mine. Every now and then when I get enthusiastic about something, I just feel like working on it day and night, until I get it done. But it is not always the case that you have motivation, time or both until you reach your target. Sooner or later you run out of one of the two, or maybe some other features too and then you have to find the will and some other stuff to take your work to the end.

He said patience is something you develop. Diligence and perseverance. Yes, seems reasonable up to a moment in life, when your horizons start broadening and you find yourself in front of a deluge of ideas, knowledge and beckoning opportunities that ‘shatter’ your attention. I don’t know, I find it hard to focus under these circumstances and I just realize that the last time this happened to me, it took me around 2 years! to refocus. Thus, I am inclining towards the sprinter type.

I am very curious how the long leg runners do it? How can one stay focused for a long time. Be it over the day or over work for several months. I understand that motivation and interest is (I guess, in my opinion) the main driving force, but what about the restlessness during the day, after a longer lapse?

So how do you become one? find the topic / direction of interest and slowly, other temptations fade away? Thought on this? (this is a random though at quite late night, so no responsibility for the non-sense spoken above ;-) ).

3 thoughts on “Are you a Sprinter or a Long Leg Runner?”

  1. Nobody have time for everything.You have to establish short time goals , medium size goals and long term goals .After that you have to bring in harmony these. If already they are in harmony you are a lucky man. If not , you have to work on it . What does it mean harmony in goals ? First of all if one category helps the others is OK . If they are in conflict there is a problem .Try to identify the problems.

    1. Dear Janos, thank you for your comment! I agree that priorities must be set, it indeed challenging to interweave them and I guess attaining the short term goals will give you the motivation to be steady and go for the longer term ones!

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