Parasite ochid on tree trunkThe utmost feeling that surrounds me is Welcome! when I walk on the street towards my lodging, at the lodging, (against the complications given), people look me in the eyes and put on a genuine smile, or at least genuine enough to make me feel welcome in this far corner or my existence. Might be as well a reaction to my action, which is surprise and curiosity towards … the tropical parasite but beautiful plants on the streets — that is pretty rare chez nous, outside a pot… .

Apropos people in Singapore, when I was on my way to my overnight lodging, at the entrance of the building the watchmen stopped me for some clarifications about my whereabouts. While I was dead tired and –not hungry cause I got more food that needed over the last 12h— preoccupied with my plans for the next day, the guardians were the most lovely people I had the chance to come across. There was a medical intervention going on, and one of them was very busy talking to the policemen. In the meanwhile, I had a lovely chat with the other one who seated me next to his watch stall. To my observation of how humid and warm it was that night, he put the fan on, thus I was sitting outside, on a plastic chair waiting for them to sort out my entrance into the building, while an electric fan was blowing on me the air of the big open. I found that funny and very considerate in the same time. Might have been too tired to think straight

Marina BayBasically my experience in Singapore reduces to landing and take off days. I spent merely a day in the city, before leaving. Yet, I fount that enough, but not anymore. I do not particularly enjoy over crowded cities, jungles of skyscrapers, but I feel that Singapore still has places worth to be discovered, that I haven’t had the time to see.

I found though a peaceful corner on my way to the Skypark from Marina Bay, the lotus pond in front of the Science Museum. Beautiful arrangement, and building alike.

Unfortunately I did not visit the any of them, but walked the Double Helix Bridge, another gem of engineering thriving and reaching outstanding performances.

More pics here.