Wine tasting and grape picking chez Steve

grapesDuring my graduate training in Lausanne, I got the opportunity to learn about wine. It is a unique experience that I assimilated by doing. I must confess that most of the PhD candidates miss such a chance either because of not knowing about this opportunity or simply because of another order of priorities.

dazzlingLong story short, I did my first vendange in 2010, on Steve’s little domain from Sensine– a gem-like terroir, that soaks up with an endless thirst, the gentle and warm rays that the Sun casts over the northern terraces of the Valais. The domain is pretty small, yet the terrain presents a wide palette of geological variety. The view is dazzling! Isn’t it? ;-)

The driving philosophy that stands behind the Phusis brand is biodynamic viticulture.  This makes the wine taste better and, satisfies the high standards of fine wine-lovers and bio product consumers.

workMy main point here is however, by doing I meant grape picking and what makes it special: a hike could be a very rewarding form of physical exercise and mental break from all-day-long decision-making process. Instead it reconnects the individual with earth, wind, plants and living creatures, nature in one word.

For the curious minds, some wine theory from the good old wiki leakyHere is my collection of know how, cheese/food/glass pairing for wine, and some useful vocab for wine tasting.

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